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Your 24/7 FREE Recorded Message system will be set up and ready to use immediately after completing the activation pages! No Contract or Terms. Try it today without reservation.

Dean's book, in Chapter 4 (page 74), says it best:

"The recorded message is truly an amazing tool. It eliminates the need for you to manually deliver the same information over and over again. It will automatically play a message, specifically crafted, to cause the listener to take some specific action you want them to take. Think of a recorded message as a replica of you, giving out perfect information and capturing the caller's information, instead of you having to do it over and over again.

.......... It will automatically be doing the job of screening out good deals from not so good deals. It will capture information and deliver profitable deals to your doorstep automatically. Did the light go on a little?"

Experience how the service works right now. Dial in and listen to a demo system with Deans Preview Message loaded to it.

Dial a demo system: 1-800-626-3775 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

You can access Dean's sample scripts at - www.deangraziosi.com/24hourscript

  • You get a new, local or toll-free number today!

  • No hardware to buy - No lines to install

  • 100% digital quality, not VOIP

  • Instant virtual voicemail with powerful call-forwarding features

  • Easy to set/change your personal options and preferences by phone or web

  • Create a steady stream of interested prospects

  • Providing recorded information to prospects 24/7

iTeleCenter® is a total phone solution for your marketing needs. It's a valuable, profitable, and replicable tool that continually leverages your time and resources!

It's eager and ready to answer multiple, simultaneous phone calls - flawlessly delivering your perfect message and handling messages for you 24/7!

With iTeleCenter you pay a small monthly service fee for over 35 included features in addition to unlimited inbound calls.*

  • Set your preferred hours to accept forwarded calls - then pre-screen or send them to voicemail

  • Ultimate Caller ID - Capture the phone number of every caller even blocked and unlisted telephone numbers!

  • Get your caller's name and info as listed in the "White Pages"

  • Easily manage voicemail messages via e-mail or web login

  • Get your messages instantly via e-mail - listen on your computer with one click

  • Receive text notifications on your cell phone so you can return important calls

  • Send and receive faxes - save them as PDF files!

  • FREE 25-line Conference Bridge - Host and record conference calls with your own, dedicated, private conference line. Record, replay, and even download any conference call!

  • Handles multiple simultaneous calls, never a busy signal!

  • Let iTeleCenter sift and sort out qualified interested prospects for you 24/7

  • Create multiple mailboxes (up to 9,999) to help train and inform callers with audio presentations - up to ten minutes in length!

  • Easy, instant online access to real-time call reports with valuable call details

  • Altogether, over 35 features to make your life easier and more manageable

Do you have friends who could use this service in their business? Tell them about iTeleCenter and send them an invite to subscribe from your back office, because your service is free every month when three people you've referred are using iTeleCenter!

Let Dean's Recorded Message idea be your 24/7 robotic worker, helping you find deals even while you sleep!

Type Of ServiceSetup FeeService FeeFree MinutesPer Minute Charge
TeleCenter Flat Rate Inbound $29.95 $29.95 Unlimited Inbound*
* Unlimited up to 5,000 minutes per month. Minutes beyond 5,000 minutes and call forwarding and outbound calls are billed at
6.9 cents per minute. 99.5% of our clients have never paid more than $29.95 month.